Lets start with the Nunchaku specs

Tank Capacity: 5ml
Mod Size: 27.4mm(d) x 94.5mm(h)
Material:stainless steel & quartz glass & copper &silicone
Power Range: 5-80W
Working Modes: Power Mode, TC Mode(Ni, SS), Bypass Mode
Battery Type: 1 x 18650
Standby Current: <50μA
Voltage Range: 0.7V-7.0V
Resistance Range: 0.1Ω-3Ω(VW), 0.1Ω-1Ω(TC), 0.1Ω-0.5Ω(Bypass)
Temperature Range: 200°F-600°F/100°C-300°C
A new generation of E-cigarette control panel by our independent R&D, makes the tube as safe as a box mod.
Replacement 18650 battery or charge over usb
Plug-pull coils, easy to replace.

In the box

1 x Nunchaku Mod
1 x Nunchaku Atomizer
1 x Extra Quartz Glass
1 x 0.25Ω Coil(pre-installed)
1 x 0.4Ω Coil
1 x Pack of Replacement O-rings
1 x Micro USB Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Drip Tip Cover(used to cover the drip tip while not using)

So when I opened the box I was thoroughly impressed with the way the Nunchaku was packed. The tank and battery section were in separate slots and both were wrapped in extremely soft plastic (maybe not plastic) bags… I could see the colour through the bags and this caught my attention straight the way…. Blue! One of my favouite colours. Now as you all now, I’m a bit shallow in the fact that I do like mods to look nice, and I’m not overkeen on the colour black for mods (boring!) so I couldn’t wait to get this baby unwrapped…. so skip forward a couple of minutes, and I may have looked a little like this :love2:

How does the Nunchaku look?

When I first saw these advertised they kind of reminded me of a lighthouse! Something with the tube design and the tank, and those angled lines inside.

Anyhow this one is a gorgeous metallic blue, with a silver fire button and logos on the fire button and base of the battery section, check out the pics as I can’t describe what the logo is! 🙄 There’s a tiny little screen at the bottom of the battery section, and the plus and minus buttons are black!! What?! That spoils it a little bit, these could have been done in silver, or even blue to match the mod :dunno:

With it being a tube mod, I find it extremely comfy to hold. It is pretty weighty but to me it just feels like a good quality mod. It not too heavy, it just feels quite well balanced.

The tank and battery section are separate (its not an all in one device) meaning if you want to pop another tank onto the battery then you can do this. I believe the tank on this is 25mm base, so anything 25mm should fit, but bigger or smaller and you will get overhang from either the tank you’re popping on, or the battery.

The Battery, Screen & Menu

The bottom of the battery section unscrews and this is where your battery goes, and I really love the fact that this takes 18650’s and its not a built in battery! There is a clear Minus sign on the battery cap, so this tells you to pop the positive end in first. The threads are nice and smooth, you’re not fighting to get the cap back on.

The screen as I mentioned is tiny, and the readout is Watts/Temp and battery icon at the top. Ohms and volts below. This lettering is small, but then the screen is small, so not a lot can be done about that.

So the Nunchaku has a basic menu, but it will do watts, temp control and bypass modes. In Temp control you have Ni and SS types. So 3 clicks on the fire button and you can scroll through mode selection, and select by pressing the fire button.

In temp mode this is initially set to 280c, if you press the plus button up to 300c, let go then press again it will change to F mode, and then it just round robins, from C to F and so on. The count is in increments of 5.

To set the base resistance just press the plus and minus buttons together. And then answer the ‘New Coil’ question.

You can lock the mod by pressing the minus button and then the fire button straight after while still holding the minus. To unlock repeat the process. And of course like most mods, 5 clicks is your on and off switch.

The Nunchaku Tank

The tank is a really good, no faff tank. Its quartz glass…. do I know what that means? Not a clue! I’m hoping it means its strong and will stand to up to the knocks as me dropping stuff is just par for the course!

The atomizer Just pushes into the base, so nice and easy to change… And I just need to mention something that I love about this tank. You may have seen some of the the tanks in my other reviews, top fillers, but they have a silicone seal under the filling hole (in fact I have another mod that I’m reviewing next that is just a nightmare to fill) Well the Nunchaku tank is a complete breeze to fill! Nice big single filling hole, but the silicone or maybe foam (not sure which) seal is fixed into the top cap. So when you screw the cap back on, this presses down onto the filling hole, sealing the juice from leaking back out! Its a brilliant design and it means that when I’m filling I don’t end up with my juice running all down the mod, between my fingers, onto the floor!… and it also means that I don’t have to put money in the swear box! :xx: These other tanks with the seal under or around the hole just means I can’t get my gorilla bottle nozzles in there, and end up with the juice just pouring everywhere but actually inside the tank!! Anyhow enough ranting… climbing down off my soapbox… ahh there we go! :yes:

So the tank seems fairly hassle free. The attys are sub ohm, 0.24ohms and 0.4ohms, but luckily I have the 5ml tank which means I don’t have to constantly fill. The UK standard tank is going to be 2ml though and this is where I would be moaning about having to fill the tank every 30 minutes.

There are three large airflow holes around the base with a ribbed collar that you can twist to alter the resistance on the airflow, and this can be closed down to give quite a restricted draw if this is what you like.

So how does the Uwell Nunchaku Vape?

Brilliantly! It really does. I vape anywhere around 25w to 40w (depending on how loud I want the atty to crackle! Hubby hates the noise from these sub ohm attys, so if he’s home I vape at a lower wattage) And even on 25w I’m getting plenty of vapour and a great flavour.

It is a DL (direct lung) inhale device, closing the airflow right down to the smallest I can get it, does give enough draw resistance to be able to mouth to lung inhale, but the vapour is just extremely warm and there’s very little of it. So if you’re after a MTL device this might not be for you.

I have swapped flavours out in this tank several times and it does seem to handle flavour changes quite well too. The new flavour is normally fully through with a dozen vapes. Side note: these are similar flavours, I’m not going from menthol to fruits to tobaccos, they are dessert flavours, but they do taste blooming great! :yes:

Battery life isn’t fantastic, but it’s certainly not the worst I’ve had from a single battery mod. It is of course longer by not having to vape at stupidly high watts. Uwell do state ‘Large clouds with low wattage – power saving and juice efficient’ on their website, and there does seem to be some truth in that statement.

And one last point, the Nunchaku tank does seem to be leak free. I haven’t had any liquid appear around the airflow holes, or the top cap. And it does get rammed in my pocket and taken out and about, so a big thumbs up for a nice dry mod.

Final Thoughts on the Uwell Nunchaku

I love it! Going back to a tube mod was pretty weird at first, but its amazing how quickly I got used to it again. It’s super comfy to hold, not too heavy, easy to fill and of course you can change the batteries when it starts to go flat. I honestly can’t think of anything bad about this Nunchaku starter kit, well just one thing, the plus and minus buttons… they shouldn’t be black! :no2: But that’s it.

I’m just waiting to see how the finish holds up, its a lovely metallic blue first off, but I am starting to notice it dulling down a little from being shoved in my pocket. It does polish up quite well, but we’ll just have to see if any chips or scratches start to appear.

And what’s always a bonus!…. I haven’t broke or bent a nail once while using it!

Will the Nunchaku be retired to the shelf?… Noooo, this thing is great for around the house, using it while watching TV, or even taking it out (pop a couple of spare batteries in your bag and you’re good to go) It’s just an all round fab, easy to use, easy to fill mod, and it fits really well into everyday life.